Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 34 Thurs May 22

Hiking by 0615, about 7 miles over to Highway 138 where we found "Hikertown". A cute little place with old western looking buildings (another place that lets hikers stay) We left our backpacks there and walked the 1 mile down the road to a store and bought a big ole sandwich for lunch. Chief, Wasa, Neighbor and I. Went back to hikertown and relaxed in the shade for a bit, then started the flat walking along the aqueduct. Walked about 11 miles of 100% flat walking and saw mountain lion tracks alongside of the road! Exciting stuff! We also ran into Squatch (guy who makes PCT videos) and he interviewed The Chief and Neighbor..........I have a feeling that Neighbor is going to make the next video.....for some reason!!!!

Day 33 Wed May 21

We woke up to something wet dripping from the tree above our heads, then Neighbor had to chase a skunk away, so we finally just got up! Made it to the top of the ridge and the wind hit us in full force! If it isn't hot or cold out's WINDY! Today was one of those windy days! We walked through an area of pink flowers, widely spaced trees and meadows today that reminded us of the Smokies on the AT. Hiked about 23.5 miles in the end. Tried to find a safe place to camp where a tree wouldn't fall on us during the night in all the WIND!

Hit the 500 mile mark today!

Day 23 Tues May 20

Up at 5am and started walking before the heat of the day really started cranking up! Beautiful sunrise! Neighbor saw a taranturla (big hairy scary spider with a name that I can't spell) and the guy hiking behind us took a picture of it! It was scary! Hiked about 17 miles by noon and then caught a ride to the Anderson's "Casa de Luna" (another family of trail angels that let's hikers stay at their house!!) We stayed about 4 hours, took a nap, ate one of our dinner's for lunch, then Terri came home and took our pictures in front of the big "Casa de Luna" poster.......and we found out why it's called Casa de our picture was being taken........Terri mooned us! :) Hence the name! It was pretty funny, then she gave us a ride back to the trail around 4pm and we started walking again. Made it another 8 miles in the afternoon and tented under a big tree.

The rest of our day at the Saufley's

Ahhhhh, how we hated to leave the Saufley's! We hung out as long as we could and eventually left around 4:30 in the afternoon and walked downtown to get some dinner before leaving town. The Pizza place and Cafe were closed, so it was back to the Mexican place for us! We started walking out of town at 6:30pm and Neighbor's watch read 97 degrees! Good thing we waited the heat out! Ahhhh! Anyway, we walked by full moonlight until 10pm, it was kinda cool...........until I heard something move in the bushes! Eeeeeek! Got 8 miles of walking in and called it quits for the night. The Chief continued on.........