Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 96 July 23, 2008 (no hiking today)

Well, Ashland is great, we decided to take another rest day (because yesterday was anything but rest!!) I really need a new pair of trail runners, and I had to track down a pair (which was trickier than it sounds!!) So, I just ordered a pair through Zappos (their last pair in wide in my size!) And we'll be back on the trail first thing in the morning! Giving the feet a rest never hurts, both of us have had a couple blisters and rubbing spots and small cracks in our feet lately, so we're taking care of the little piggies! :) Grabbed lunch at the great food Co-op here in town yesterday and both of us bought a new pair of socks. (some of our socks have holes in them and you just keep moving the big toe hole to the other foot and rotating through!!) Time for a new pair of socks! I had to get new baskets on my trekking poles back in Shasta City (some gear is starting to wear out) But over 1,000 miles of walking does that to you (and the gear!!) So, resting today and walking tomorrow! We hope to be done with Oregon (432 more miles) in about 20 days and into Washington we go! Homeward bound in no time! Starting to miss the simple things of home (I am anyway!!) But this is a great experience and we are seeing a beautiful part of the country and loving every minute of it! :)