Sunday, May 25, 2008

small update

Sorry about the lack of info/details on the last few posts, the computer in Mohave was crazy slow- and now there are no computers for weeks, so I've mailed these updates to my sister. Thanks again Chels! You're the best sister in the whole world! (Even though they are just now being added! Ooops.) I'll add pictures to these posts hopefully from Independence around June 7.

Stuff I forgot to mention:
We have been carrying Marmot Precip rain jackets since we started and have not used them once, haven't even thought about the extra 11oz....until Day 34, 518 miles north of Mexico! Many people don't even carry raingear until Washington State, but it was chilly and we were glad we had them as extra wind protection.
Also, when we left the Saufleys, I put on my trailshoes after not wearing them for 3 days and they didn't fit! My feet were so swollen! So, I had to call Campmor and order another pair of shoes 1/2 size bigger to be sent to Kennedy Meadows.