Monday, August 11, 2008

Neighbor and Tunnel Falls!

Day 115 Aug 11th

Good night's sleep, little chilly. Up early and walking towards town. Basically it was 22 miles of DOWNhill! Cascade Locks is the lowest point on the whole PCT at about 200 feet. We took a side trail off the PCT to town along the Eagle Creek Trail.....what an amazing trail! I'll attatch pictures! We walked behind a waterfall! It was sooo cool! Got into Cascade Locks around 4pm, booked a room at the hotel and then went to the Post Office and picked up 7 (yes 7 care packages!!) Came back to the room and tore into them like it was Christmas! What fun! Bootz and Bluelight, MJ, Neighbor's Dad, Grammy Peg, Chels, Priscilla, The Fam ( of the packages from Echo Lake finally showed up!!) It was just wonderful! Tomorrow we will spend all day sorting the packages and mailing food ahead to the final 4 or 5 stops we have along the trail! Off to bed for me for now!

JZ and Thrust crossing the creek

Another beautiful sight along the PCT!

The Crew! (minus flippy)

From left (in the back) to right.
Neighbor, Slider, JB, Chickety, Thrust, JZ,
Antfarm, Boomer and Swiffer.

Day 114 Aug 10th

Slept pretty good on the floor, the window had to stay open because someone (or a couple someones) had some really bad gas! We went up to the All You Can Eat breakfast and boy oh boy was it great! I had 4 pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup and real whipped cream! There was bacon, eggs, homefries, brie, smoked gouda cheese......just wonderful! I left there and felt ill, but we still managed to hike around 21 miles. Started hiking around 9:30 and snapped a group photo (minus Flippy) that I'll be sure to attatch. Hiked under the chairlifts with skiiers and snowboarders heading up the mountain....seems funny to see people skiing in August! But they ski year round on Mt. Hood due to the Glacial snow, pretty cool. Lots of ups and downs, as we hiked away from the mountain, the fog finally cleared and I got a pretty decent shot of the mountain. Camped at Salvation Spring.....11 of us! Black flies were out in force, but we threw on the headnets and had no problems! Only 22 miles to Cascade Locks tomorrow and boy am I excited to be heading there!!!