Monday, May 19, 2008

decision has been made!

North into the desert we go.
We will leave around 4pm (when it gets cooler) and see how far we make it. It is 24 miles to the Anderson's (more trail angels on the trail!!) The Chief is thinking of night hiking it! Full moon tonight, so it would be the time to try it........I'm scared!
Hikers are coming in here by the truckload! Folks we haven't seen in days, some weeks!
Irish, Poptart, Blue butterfly, One step, Sweetfish, many others that we don't know. It's time for us to move on!

Monday May 19th

Still here at the Saufley''s going to be difficult to leave all of this, I guess that is why they call it Hiker Heaven! I'm sitting on a couch in air conditioning, eating cookies and cream ice cream and outside the window is a dry, hot, not so inviting desert waiting for us. We went to the Post Office this morning and mailed out our bear cannisters, ice axes and another box of "stuff" to Kennedy Meadows, some food to Independence, some stuff back home, a tent fly back to MSR, paperwork to Priscilla, and a few postcards! On the way back, we saw Low Bridge and Dandy in town! Yeah, so now we will figure out if we'll all go back to hike those missing 39 miles of trail! Tempting, knowing there is nice cold snow on the mountain we will hike down there! :) I saved all of the last stretch of photos onto our jump drive without any help this time! (that's a first) And I will try to get more pictures of us for this site. Chief has the best photos of us on his site (I don't even have to take any pictures, he takes so many!!!) Ok, going to break into the watermelon that Stinky and Chris left for us and figure out if we are going north or south from here!!!
Here's a video of the thru-hikers putting up tent accomadations at the Saufleys, in it I'm trying to console the Great Cheif-Chi-Hua-Hua Rainbowtoes because his LA Lakers are about to lose the NBA championship to the greatest team on earth